Wednesday, 3 February 2010


The community role of public libraries is changing rapidly. Information is delivered in many different formats, not just paper. With this in mind a modern library needs to be the living room of the city.

The library is a meeting place designed with Deptford’s many commuters in mind. This is in conjunction with the proposed new rail station. Business men/women passing though will be encouraged to take a book for the day. A “Takeaway” service set to encourage a social shift towards further education and communal engagement. This architecture will thus become a generator of activity!

The structure is part of a route. A route is boring with straight lines and no engagement, a route can be defined as a means to an end, but a journey suggests some subtle differences. With this in mind, a means to an end is not enough. A journey is inspiring and even poetical in the midst of a dull plan walked everyday, it will guide, it will engage.