Wednesday, 3 February 2010


In the continuity of semester 1, I wish to give Deptford a meaningful landmark, a strong resounding point on Route 1, a communal house for local actors, which could have influence at a larger scale for the whole regenerating Deptford.

Deptford’s scene is on, charities are active and markets are buoyant. Relying on this context, I want to provide Deptford a go-between, a buffer place which will collaborate with the existing activities, coordinate them and encourage new ones.
I yearn for calling together the different protagonists of Deptford’s impulse. It’ll urge on a united and sustainable economic change through an active awareness campaign focusing on the waste management and the idea of collect, recycling, reemployment and valorization. It will appeal field workers and local community, inform, educate, prevent them and agitate for sustainability.
This communal house would stand as a node point, a familiar place where everyone feel s welcome. In that philosophy, it will host a shared-garden and a small café-restaurant, collaborating with the food market to recuperate unsold goods to provide low-priced meals. This activity could also enable to create new jobs, way of re-socialization and re-stimulation for weaken people.

The facility will take the mark of its surrounding, clinging and spreading on the existing. It will embody involvement and action and encourage both self and collective initiative.