Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This building should serve as a support for the "Jelly Brick" movement of semester one. It will do so by becoming the centre for the expansion of Parkour orientated operations in the community of Deptford. The building itself will be a hybrid factory, concentrated on the production and distribution of jelly bricks around the London area. In addition to this the building will act as an urban sport centre, conducting lessons, training sessions and guidance for disciplines like Parkour and other urban sports. There will also be a congregation/meeting space for the community as the proceeds of the "Jelly Brick" movement will go back to the people of Deptford; using the building to discuss how these proceeds will be spent to improve the area.

The idea of a factory had previously been an indication of poor working conditions and social unrest, but in this new age that image may be dated. Regardless of their history, factories bring a sense of community to those that live and work around them. A small scale factory in Deptford that has help from the community will bring people to together, improve well being and have a positive impact of the surrounding local area.