Wednesday, 3 February 2010


In order to compliment and further reinforce the wide development of Deptford I am proposing to add a specialised concept hotel into the community, which will facilitate the demands and better serve the needs of its target market.
As Deptford adjoins London’s biggest business centre my proposal will be designed for the medium based business class. In addition it will attract the experimental oriented tourist flow, which will be drawn by the innovative and modern regeneration of the Deptford area. The hotel will use a fusion of space saving designs and also incorporate natural features that will allow visitors to interact with a more organic architecture rather than modern like is seen in most pod-type hotels.
It will have 25 – 30 small rooms offering basic amenities but will not offer any recreational facilities in an attempt to necessitate going out and experiencing what the area has to offer. The hotel will offer very basic services allowing minimisation of operation expenses. It will set the benchmark in the area by combining quality, economy and homeliness. It will utilise the niche offered by its uniqueness, while offering commuters and tourists to overnight in the area, and to experience Deptford.