Wednesday, 3 February 2010


pro local infrastructures work at multiple scales. recent frailty in government faith in global markets has lead to a need for communities to become self supporting. deptford will become a beacon of a sustainable means of living, turning away from the manner in which urbanisation has distanced the producer, buyer, and trader. this will take form in an infrastructure to support trade, informed by my own personal experiences. the infrastructure will facilitate the population of deptford to 'buy' into the cycle(s), to create a new sustainable quality of life through urban renewal and creating a reliable food supply. the public are ready to receive this infrastructure and take control, supported by the huge waiting lists for allotments within deptford. relating to the proposed market system of s1, the brief demands that the issue of ownership and pattern of land use be addressed, with the potential to involve all members of the community as target clients reflected in the experience of the building, particularly through materiality and layout. the clients will be supported so as to take advantage of available urban land to produce food that is in context, traditional to the season and deptford. building a pro-local infrastructure. an involved community. we are at a decisive point in cultural transition, estimated population growth and pressure on urban centres is envisaged, there is an opportunity to harness this growth to create a new sustainable means to live.