Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Voice Project

Deptford is full of voices. Walking through the bustling high street you'll hear shopkeepers chatting, swapping opinion on current affairs, debating and gossiping about the top stories. Stop in at the Black Horse or the Duke for a pint and you'll hear the exaggerated exploits of the regulars, or perhaps the wisdom and unexpected advice of a stranger. Even sitting in Blanco's Cafe, you can hear urban myths being spun and retold, exchanged amongst groups and couples on the neighbouring tables. It is these stories and comments, which embody the community, each affected by Deptford, and in turn effecting the community. The voice project will act as a celebration of these voices, collecting, distributing and exhibiting local conversations. Collection methods will appropriate to their material and the part of community involved, and will involve a degree of editing on or off site. Distribution again will be appropriate to content, and vary in method to maximise circulation. The exhibiting of works, allows for a longer term strategy for community reactivation, comprising of workshops for local learning groups, public viewing's and acting as a source bed for ideas and inspiration for the neighbouring Albany theatre. Physically the project will employee both permanent and temporary strategies, allowing future adaptation to the needs of the Deptford community. The voice project intents to give value to the community as a commodity, promoting consistent experimentation in its sourcing, form and trade.