Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Reality corrupts thought.

Our imagination is constantly being oppressed by reality. I wish to create conditions within which one would be able to freely explore one’s imagination, in order for one to then [possibly] find some kind of personal creative truth - specific to one’s own existence.

Firstly, and kind of obviously, removing reality isn’t exactly an easy feat.
Secondly, it would call for horrific events and I don’t particularly wish to create insanity (although insane/genius could be an intriguing line). So this calls for a sort of compromise – not a complete eradication but rather a reduction. In terms of space – ‘reflection chambers’ with reduced form (bare rooms with nothing [everything?] in them) and reduced auditory input (no external noise).
[uncorrupted] creativity ensues. Wonderful.
Project X would remain and continue with its current agenda – a public cafĂ©. Any intervention would be considerate enough to not interrupt it - realising itself around it/above it/beneath it. The various thresholds between the old and the new would exist symbiotically - public/private : chaotic/ordered : corrupted/uncorrupted.