Wednesday, 3 February 2010


A form of pure water. Pure water of a beautiful form.

To establish a mould in which society feels the desire to become a piece within water. The cast of water that folds and encases each of our bodies when positioned within it. My expectation is to bring to the surface a place and condition where people can feel the cleanliness of beauty again. Where the angles and movement of a structure can imprint into our mind and soul how beauty is always among us no matter how deep or delicate .

The mould that encloses the inhabitants of Deptford will evolve a creative curvature around the setting that I create. An unspoiled line of beauty forms a natural pond underworld that can stretch through our imagination and seep into each crack of the situation that my design will entail.

I will position within Deptford an area in which the community can enwrap their own alluring forms unto society. An outdoor enclosure that will allow each and every one of us to explore our own individual beauty and transfer this condition out into the streets of Deptford.