Wednesday, 3 February 2010


The building should serve as support for the proposed Deptford Public Forum of semester one. It will do so by having: an ‘archives section’ which will hold the records of outcomes of the forum; a ‘redacting section’, where the staff can produce the necessary documents; a ‘space for counting votes’; a ‘space to post results’ to the public; an ‘exhibition space’ which will present the achievements of DPF; and spaces dedicated to different kinds of gatherings throughout the site ranging from: public announcements, private meetings, semi-private meetings, to public meetings.

The proposed architecture is to provide an infrastructure that generates income for the maintenance of the Deptford Public Forum and its staff. This will rely on the proximity to the existing market. Being financially self-sustainable will allow the Deptford Public Forum to reduce dependency on government funding. To be an independent body is important for DPF to reduce the risk of undermining its social contribution due to external factors.

The main priority of this infrastructure is to be the voice of the inhabitants of Deptford. It will rely on staff that actively ensures that public opinion is not ignored by the government.