Friday, 5 February 2010


The Aim of the program is to re-introduction of industry into the area. For this the current political, economic and environmental climate (fuel sourcing, commodity, carbon emissions respectively) will need to be strongly considered. Following on from the investigations in semester 1 it is important that any industry should seamlessly weave into the existing city fabric, the diversification of land use is a positive goal to work toward in the inner city and a successful model in this relatively small site could provide a template that could be copied/evolved throughout the urban environment. The utility will be strictly local instead of metro, with an emphasis on the human scale. A neutral or positive environmental impact is required and on-site energy generation needs to be explored, the architect needs to pay attention to its aesthetic impact. Finally logistics need to be planned in from the beginning, the architects contribution needs to be clear to set the building apart from other industrial units.

Initial desired elements:
-space or several small workshops/one small manufacturing unit.
-the building should provide some form of medium/interface between the local public and its function eg. clear communication of activity to the outside, celebration of industrial activity.