Thursday, 4 February 2010


(A continuation of semester 1)

To create an independent system that rationalises and revalues the current market conditions, to act as a mediator between buyer and seller, as well as enabling a new programme of informal economies based around the act of the suitcase trading. Informal trading contained around existing infrastructures along route one, encouraging an ad hoc co-existence of static and transitional economies operating at different scales leading to the stable and progressive expansion of the Deptford market, filling a void left by the decline of dockland work, Deptford previously staple trade. Over time this expansion will lead to a need for an architecture that will operate as the administrative market hub, point of contact for both buyer and seller enquiries and support both buyer and seller needs.

Potential Spaces;

Authoritative Administration Office/ Daily Plot Allocation Office/ Suitcase Trading Areas/ Storage/ WCs