Sunday, 7 February 2010


Previous studies looked at the relationship between depositions and activity, and manifested this to create a generic architecture to fill the voids observed in a small part of Deptford, and that could be replicated in the wider environment.

The 'post office' seeks to take these ideas further. A standards post office runs on three concepts - delivery, storage and collection. These will be expanded upon. Delivery will act as a form of dispersal, reaching out to the wider community and promoting the existence of similar built models throughout Deptford; storage will give the void an immeadiate use and value, and collection will draw in the existing community through the understanding of value as a basic component of human nature.

The'post office' will get the community to help preserve this three way relationship, using each individuals activity and understanding of their local area to help it run more efficiently on a local scale than standard delivery systems.