Wednesday, 3 February 2010


My intention is to create a public library which will embodies a place of knowledge and an information point for the Deptford’s community. It will stand as a “living room in the city” where everyone could come quiclky to borrow a book, to read his owns, to work alone or in groups, to calm down and reflect. It will take a strategic position and will rely on the proximity to the school, the housing, the theatre, the market and the effervescence of Deptford High Street. The heart of the building would be a common information place then connected to a lot of smaller spaces dedicate to a different kind of users and uses. The functions and the atmosphere of each rooms will depend of the surrounding factors like the orientation, the view, the auditory input or the height.
Serving the community, the place will hold something for every one, regardless of age, income, cultural and ethnic background and will combine both sharing and individual spaces.. It will be a fusion of small spaces of different sizes and capacity, design and aims. It would have an open space as well, up and down with external seatings more or less insolated in order to consider my first semester intervention. It could also host a café and a specific information spot about what the area of Deptford has to offer and others informations about his recent and future regeneration and development projects.