Thursday, 4 February 2010


To design a picture house that becomes the hub and/or centre point of attraction of the proposed Deptford Film Festival on Route 01. Similar to Site 03’s “moments of significance,” this design will incorporate a process of “random events” that activates the site for use during day and night.

Through such random or unique occurrences, users become part of a “sequence of significance”: the process of transaction, experiencing and departing in a one off event that, at the same time, relates to the structure of sequence and time in the cinematic.

In this way the boundary between the fictional/ visual and the material/ physical becomes more permeable through the embodiment of cinematic sequence in the process of using the picture house and witnessing its various events.

In marking the threshold between realms, the Deptford Picture House sits on the edge of space, on the fringe of reality.