Sunday, 1 November 2009


I have started to share my object and the process of making it with some of my friends. I have showed them step by step how to make it and also had discussions as to why I chose to make such an object. I explained that as an architect I was to express nature through architecture and I got asked a lot of questions about why I chose something is details and so awkward to make. I answered explaining that there is a lot of detail involved in both architecture and nature and that even though my object in worn as a necklace and looks quite attractive because it's simple, if you look closer and actually try to make it you can see that a lot of detail has been put into it, just like architecture and nature.
I want to show more people how to make my object as I found the feedback I got quite insightful and by going about this activity in my room I found that it was a more comfortable environment to have a discussion in, but maybe not the best place to actually show someone how my object is made as there is not a lot a working space.